School Information


Merriam Avenue School
81 Merriam Avenue
Newton, NJ 07860

Phone: 973-383-7202
Fax: 973-383-7276

Administrative Team

Kevin Stanton, Principal

Kenney Lutz, Assistant Principal


Main Office Staff

Donna DeGarmo, x1221

Laura Laux, x1220

Rachel Tremain, x1222


About Our School

Merriam Avenue School is an elementary school that hosts the grades Pre K through 4th and  is located in Sussex County, New Jersey.  We currently employ 110 professionals who are all highly qualified in their required field.  This help our school to be a productive and successful establishment for our students to learn and grow.  

Within our school day, we offer a selection of programs for our students to get involved in above and beyond our required curriculum.  These programs include Gifted and Talented, Watch D.O.G.S., 4th grade Band, and a series of STEM activities.  At Merriam Avenue School, we also provide before and after school activities that enrich the student's school day.  They include an Enrichment Program and a Just Read Program  for grades 2 - 4, and an intramural program for grades 3 and 4.